Choose and Cut Christmas trees (you cut or we cut)

Choose and Cut prices vary depending on the size and quality of the tree. Prices range from $20 up to $150. See Choose and Cut FAQ for more information.


Machine Shaking

Machine shaking of Spruce eliminates loose needles and debris.


Using a high powered blower, John hand blows all the Firs to eliminate unwanted debris, loose needles and any foreign matter.


Machine Tree Drilling

A hole is drilled in the stump of the tree to facilitate the use of a special straight stand in which the customer places the drilled tree.



A limited number of straight stands are available for purchase. We carry two sizes in order to match the tree height correctly. We love these stands for their ease of putting the tree up and their extra large water reservoir, which makes keeping the tree watered a breeze.

We call them our No Hassle Stands.


A baling machine wraps an 18” or 23” netting around a tree to make it easier to transport and place in your home. Once the tree is placed in the stand and brought into your home, simply cut the netting with scissors and watch the tree unfold.

We offer bailing free of charge.


Local Tree Delivery

Fee varies based on distance.



Check out our Facebook page for the times and dates that Santa will be available at Treetop Acres!

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