Choose and Cut FAQ

Where do I park?

Drive up to the barn area and you will see our parking area located behind the barn.  You can also park on the street and walk up the driveway.


How can I tell what variety a tree is?

We offer two kinds of trees:

  • Firs – short needles and a citrus smell
  • Spruce – short prickly needles and a pine fragrance
  • Austrian – long needles and pine scent

How do I know the price of my tree?

All trees 7 ft. and above are tagged with a color-coded ribbon that matches a pricing chart.


Where do I get the pricing chart?

A chart is posted on the barn door near the parking area. Individual charts can be found in a basket that is on a pole near the staging area, where trees are drilled and baled.

price guide

What if I find a tree I want, but it does not have a colored ribbon?

ALL TREES ARE FOR SALE, but time only permits us to tag trees 7 ft. and above. If you find an untagged tree just let an attendant know and we will gladly give you a price.

Do I have to cut down my own tree?

No, we will be happy to cut your tree for you.

Do I need to bring my own saw?

You can bring you own hand saw or we will provide one for you that is in a protective leather sheath.

Can I bring a chainsaw?

No, due to insurance regulations chainsaws are only allowed to be used by our employees.

Can I choose my tree and not cut it until later?

Yes, starting the day after Thanksgiving, we’ll supply you with a white tag and permanent marker. You’ll need to write your name, phone number and date of pickup on the tag. Then place the tag securely on the top portion of the tree and let us know.

tree huggerfuerch tree 2013

Anything I need to know before I cut down the tree I selected?

Just check to make sure there is not a white tag on the top portion of the tree. This tag signifies that another customer has purchased this tree. Also check to see how straight the trunk is. If the trunk is crooked and you have your heart set on this tree, call John on his cell and he will take a look at the trunk. We do sell drilled tree stands that can take care of a crooked trunk problem.

What is the advantage of drilling a tree?

Drilling makes the set up of the tree in your home an easy process. Just place the bailed tree on the stand peg, cut the netting and presto your perfect tree unfolds before your eyes. It makes set up fun and lets your put all your effort into decorating your tree. Drilling also allows you to purchase that perfect tree with the crooked stump.

What if I find a tree and want you to cut it down?

Just call one of the cell phone numbers provided on the back of the pricing guide and an attendant will come and cut your tree down.

How do I get the tree to the shaking and bailing area?

We provide sleds that you can pick up at the staging area before you start your tree search.

Do I need to bring rope to tie my tree on my vehicle?

No, twine is provided near the parking area.

Are you open during the week?

Call John (716-531-2829) for a weekday appointment.